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Covid -19 & E-Commerce

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The year 2020 is far from what we all expected, working from home took on a whole new meaning and personal contact became our enemy. Who would of believed that hugging your family and friends could be harmful, never mind being close to your colleagues at work!

While some of us enjoyed weeks of paid furlough allowing us to enjoy the unusual and exceptionally warm spring weather, others had to set up offices from home, taking our computers, chairs and desks with us. Not to mention juggling schooling the kids while doing all of this.

The high street was already flagging and seeing lower and lower sales, increased parking charges and fewer parking options doesn’t help the high street retailers either, but with the forced closure of any non-essential shops, pubs or restaurants this was a recipe for disaster for many, unfortunately with many having to close their doors for good.

A ray of light shines through the disaster with many of the high street retailers rebooting and redesigning their distribution and E-commerce quicker than I can order a takeaway, which leads me to represent Spaceguard Ltd.

The pandemic did affect us in the initial few months during the main lock-down, and like so many businesses we had to find a way to adapt to the new market and the higher demand to online purchases.

We offer a bespoke service tailor-making items to your own requirements, all our quotes are individual to your measurements, length, width additional features all unique to you.

For ideas and previous jobs look at https://www.packingtables.co.uk/gallery/

Our products are robust and made from 40 x 40 box section and powder coated in epoxy powder to a colour of your choice, our usual colour is Blue Ral 5010 but there are so many alternatives and we have seen a rise in Greys this year. Most of our customers prefer the melamine fully edged tops, which do look fantastic and are more durable.

We do not carry stock as everything is made to order and unique to you.

For all enquiries please contact us

Phone: 01482 363445
Email: sales@spaceguard.co.uk