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Spaceguard are UK manufacturers of standard and bespoke industrial workstation s

  • Packing Table with PVC top

Spaceguard are an ideal partner to manufacture a wide range of robust industrial workstations. Based in the UK Spaceguard has gained a reputation for producing and supplying quality industrial workstation products, which are fully welded with a durable powder coated finish or complete stainless steel, delivered to your site fully assembled and ready for work. The durable industrial workstations are available with a wide range of accessories from a standard assemblybench to fully bespoke industrial workbench systems. Spaceguard is an ideal partner for your industrial workstation requirements, Robust welded and fully assembled products, UK manufactured, 3D design service, Installation service for more complex fitted benches, Quick deliveries and competitive prices.

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Spaceguard Workstations: Increase productivity through well designed Industrial workstation products

Spaceguard is the ideal partner to build workstations and workbenches that fulfil all the latest manufacturing, production and packing philosophies, in particular pronciples like the Five-S Kaizen.

Spaceguard workstations and workbenches can be used by any sector of business, including packing, parts collation, testing and repair general assembly, manufacturing, electronics and medical equipment, automotive and component manufacturing.

With the extensive range of accessories workstations can be built to a detailed specification for an exact task, and continually modified to meet changing requirements. Workplace efficiency is further improved when the workstation, or bench, is constructed integrating ergonomic principles.

Types of Industrial workstation
Free standing standard workstation / workbench
Free standing bespoke workbenches
Mobile / portable workstation / workbench
Heavy duty workbenches
Packing station / workbench – can include storage
Single / double sided workstation / workbench
Ergonomic workstation / workbench
Industrial workstation / workbench – heavy and medium duty
Assembly workstation / workbench
carton / product roller storage rack workstation / workbenches
product flow work cell
In-line conveyor station
Computer / LAN workstation / workbench
Custom fitted workstation / workbench
Cantilever Workstation
Electronics workbench
Garage workstation / workbench
ESD workstation / workbench
Modular workstation / workbench

Spaceguard is an ideal partner for your workstation requirements, please contact our sales team to discuss yours: Phone: 01482 363445 or email: