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Rhino Cutting Mat

Rhino Cutting mats are ideal to add to worktops to prevent damage whilst cutting. We can provide these cut to size.




Rhino Cutting mats are ideal to add to worktops to prevent damage whilst cutting

Rhino cutting mats are designed & manufactured to the utmost quality guaranteeing durability and consequently, they meet & exceed expectations thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction. They are passed through severe testing to guarantee they are more than suitable for the purpose they are made and in turn make sure you receive value for money.

Rhino cutting mats are designed in such a way that they offer a range of features that will provide you with an excellent cutting surface that will last. The Rhino brand is globally recognised for its high-quality surface, longevity and good self-healing properties.

The Rhino cutting mat consists of a 5mm thick translucent material that is flexible, has excellent lie flat properties and is very hard-wearing. Its translucent or opaque finish creates a clean surface to your working area but also enables an alignment grid to be placed underneath the mat and be visible to the user.

Due to the large range of sizes available and the variety of knives/cutters that can be used on these mats they have become popular in a range of different markets, from sign making to dressmaking and more.


Cutting Mat Worktop Protection

These can be supplied with or fixed to your bespoke table to provide an easy-to-clean cutting surface. These are commonly used in craft, sign-making, and printing applications.


Max Length 6000mm
Max Width 1500mm
Thicknesses 5mm self-healing cutting mat bonded to 18mm MDF core
Uses Has ESD & Anti-static properties
Care / Cleaning Wipe clean, material is waterproof
Finish / Colours Clear with a slight blue tint

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