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Keyboard bridge hardware option RS232 to USB

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Keyboard wedge for use with weigh scales

Hardware option – Converts print function from RS232 output to Keyboard input on USB.
– Converts RS232 serial to USB keyboard.
– Optional USB power on pin 9 of RS232 end.
– Available in English, German and French keyboard emulations.
– Eliminates the need to install any device driver or keyboard redirector software. Simply plug it in and any serial input will become a keyboard input
– Draws power from USB port. No external power source required.
– Extended Keyboard controls allows the serial device to control PC functions by sending upper ASCII characters into the serial end of the cable. For example sending a character 181 into the serial end of the cable, will invoke function key F1 on the HID keyboard end and so on.
– Limited bidirectional capability allows the use of certain hotkey on host keyboard to send a command string to the RS232 device.
– Cable Length 74in (1880 mm)
– Certifications & Compliance: FCC, ICS, CE and RoHS.
– Connects any serial device to any operating system as a Keyboard. It works on Windows and MAC OS, Linux and Android.
– Converts RS232 port output characters of Scales, Barcode readers, RFID readers, Payment Terminal and etc. to keyboard strokes.
Ideal for companies with software policys – This unit requires no additional software
keyboard bridge

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