Here at Spaceguard we are very proud of our products additionally did you know we offer installation service too.

Watch a time-lapse installation, curtesy of Hollco -Traffic Group Signals.




Important to remember is that all installations of Gravity Conveyors, or Belt Conveyors are unique and can be integrated with our Packing Benches.

Similarly we can install Packing Tables, and or Conveyors, and or altogether.

The choices are endless.


Installation Options.


More importantly have a look at our recent installation into a leading high street fashion warehouse.  Inclusive of a gravity roller conveyor and packing tables.


Installation into a battery factory.

We had the pleasure in installing 20 Stunning Bespoke Packing Tables with a central belt conveyor covering 65 feet long and a 19 ft out-feed powered gravity conveyor.  

This clearly showcases the possibilities for streamlining and improving your distribution.  Stay ahead of your competitors.    Increase productivity.  Reduce man handling.  Reduce product damage. 



Educational installation in London in classy white. 

As can be seen our installation team are fitting the tops to the frames and leveling all the tables ready for use. 

Notice these tables have swivel lockable castors.  Another key point to remember when thinking about your tables.  Ultimately these tables look amazing.



Flower Installation

An amazing installation into a major flower distributor within the UK.  3 Belt conveyors each measuring 49ft.  Installed and ready for immediate use. In order to increase productivity while reducing man handling.  With the intention of reducing damage and increasing distribution time.



Education Installation

Another educational installation by Spaceguard, in the frequently popular grey frames and white melamine tops.  

In conclusion these tables look amazing.

Additionally have a look at the heavy duty storage desks fitted with engineers vise.

This installation demonstrates the usage of both belt and gravity conveyor.  Summing up how they compliment each other. This one was for a hamper distributor and uses the Gravity bend to the best of their advances to enable their goods to transport around the bend / corner with ease.  Thus reducing man handling and product damage.

Additionally how do you like this installation for a leading garden grower and distributor.

These photos show how belt conveyors can be linked and fed into each other and onto packing stations and ball transfer tables.


As shown below, these next photos show you our installation into a kitchen in the healthcare sector.

Under these circumstances a Food Grade Belt is used. 


These colourful tables suitable for electrics and luckily so as these where installed into an electrical warehouse. 



Lets take a look inside the fascinating world of photography and filming with these stainless steel tops and additional features.

How about a peek in side a distribution centre.