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1200Lx900W Model E Packing Table

£208.97 ex VAT. £250.76 inc VAT

Basic Flat pack table manufactured from mild steel and MDF supporting weights of up to 300kg. Ideal in various distribution centres or online retail pack houses with the inclusion of below worktop packing material roll holder.

Complete with MDF worktop, Mild Steel roll holder and includes M16 height adjustable feet & all fixings required.



Basic Flat Pack packing table or bench with under worktop roll holder.

Roll holder underneath worktop is set at a height that allows you to fit all common sized packing rolls on such as paper or bubble wrap. (Generally a bubble wrap roll is 600mm diameter) Anything up to this size will fit with ease. As a guideline subtract approx 200mm off the length of the table for the max supported length, generally speaking ordering the next table size up gives you enough clearance on either side. (For example if your rolls are 1200mm long, the 1500mm table will suffice)

Table top size of 1200×900 with a height of 850mm (can be adjusted +/-50mm with height adjustable feet which are included in the cost)

Manufactured from 40×40 mild steel box section either painted or powder coated in our standard royal blue colour (RAL5010) and supplied with an 18mm MDF worktop supporting loads of up to 300kg & mild steel roll holder.

Arrives flat pack and can be bolted together in minutes.