Roll Holders

Roll holders are suitable for holding rolls of packing material such as brown paper, kraft paper, corrugated card, cling wrap, and bubble wrap.

For bespoke packing benches we can add these into your bench design as required. Our standard packing benches offer options for lower, upper, and both lower and upper roll holders.

Lower Roll Holder

Upper Roll Holder

Upper & Lower Roll Holder

90 Degree Roll Holder

Packaging Dividers

Packaging dividers are used to sort and hold flat boxes above or below the packing station ready for use.

MDF Dividers Upper

MDF Dividers Lower

Lighting Options

The addition of lighting helps improve the working environment and lessens processing mistakes.

Our lighting rails have LED or fluorescent light strips.

Lighting Rail

Articulated Light & Magnifier

Bench Mounted Cutters

Bench mounted cutters are used to quickly and cleanly cut packaging material, they're often paired with roll holders.

Bench Mounted Cutter


Shelving is available on our standard benches, whilst for bespoke packing tables we offer shelves & pigeonholes to suit your requirements.

Single Upper Shelf

Double Upper Shelf

Lower Shelf

Weigh Scales

Scales can be supplied separately or built into one of our bespoke packing tables.

Mounted In Bench Scales


Waste & Sortation Bins

Supplied as an add on or built into the bench for bespoke packing benches.

In Bench Bin

Bench Mounted Bin