Bubble wrap cutters (Small and large bubble), also ideal for Cardboard, Paper, Polythene, Foam, Film, Vinyl, Adhesive tape along with a wide range of other products.

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Bubble Wrap Cutter


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Dual Roll Dispenser with integrated Dual Cutter

When using more than one packing material at any one time , it can easily become unorganised and crowded. Dual roll dispensers with integrated cutters solve this problem by accommodating two rolls of packing material on one stand, automatically saving space and improving productivity and safety.

Ideal for use alongside a packing bench, introducing a dual roll dispenser to your packing area helps to improve throughput and ensures all products are wrapped in a consistent and cost effective way.

ImageRoll WidthPriceBuy online
dual dispenser with cutter1000mm508.85Buy online
dual dispenser with cutter1200mm532.31Buy online
dual dispenser with cutter1500mm556.03Buy online


Wall mounted dispenser with integrated cutter

When floor space is at a premium. The Wall mounted packaging material dispenser and cutter is an ideal solution. For provide roll storage and safe cutting of bubble wrap and cardboard packaging rolls.

ImageRoll WidthPriceBuy online
750mm216.48Buy online
1000mm226.79Buy online
1200mm237.10Buy Online
1500mm260.81Buy Online


Bench mounted packaging material cutters

For mounting to existing workbenches. Ideal for the safe cutting of bubble wrap and cardboard packaging rolls.

ImageMax roll widthMin required bench widthPriceBuy online
750mm1100244.16Buy Onliner-750mm/">
1000mm1350277.30Buy Online
1200mm1550287.61Buy Online
1500mm1850308.23Buy Online

Built to last for years.

Spaceguard manufactures packaging dispenser and cutter (ideal for card, paper, film & bubble wrap cutter) combined as a stand alone unit. The cutting mechanism is similar in design to the table top bubble wrap cutter found on Spaceguard packing tables. Ideal for both bubble wrap/cardboard roll or other packaging materials (like our table cutters).

This product comes fully assembled and ready for work.  

Manufactured from fabricated steel, with a durable powder coated finish this product is an ideal standalone solution,

Available in 3 different widths, 1000mm 1200mm and 150mm

Swivel lockable castors can be added (costs may incur)

Uses a rotary cutting blade onto a hardened steel cutting edge


How to use this product: –

: – unroll the packaging material from the dispenser bar, feed into the bubble wrap cutter and cut into required lengths.

: – rolls can also be replaced in seconds.


Benefits of using packaging cutters

  • Increasing operator safety – reducing use of knifes
  • Increased cutting efficiency
  • Raising worker morale
  • Improved cutting aesthetics


  • Frame Detail: Welded Mild Steel Construction
  • Frame Finish: RAL5010 (Royal Blue)
  • Assembly Details: Fully Welded & Ready to use
  • Cutting detail: durable replaceable rotary cutting blade

cutting table

Large Format Bench Mounted Packing Material Cutters

Spaceguard manufacture a range of large format bench mounted packing material cutters, up to 3 metres wide. Ideal for shrink film, sign making or cutting tables. The safe bench mounted cutters reduce the requirement of scissors and knifes within the work area taking a lot of the potential risk from everyday usage.

Please contact our sales to discuss your needs.


Delivery Information:

Please note we have changed our processing and manufacturing structure reducing our despatch days down to twice a week. All orders will now leave our factory on either a Friday or a Tuesday and will still be within our 5-7 working day delivery on this product.