Mini roller tracks are ideal for the live storage or transportation of small unit loads, including boxes, totes and boards.

Mini roller tracks can be incorporated into a number of our products to boost their functionality. For example we use mini roller tracks within industrial storage and shelving to create carton flow storage racking. We also build rollers into workstations to enhance productivity and improve ergonomics.

For all enquiries please contact our sales team

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Roller Specification

Roller Pitch:  28mm
Roller Length:  24.5mm
Roller Ø:  26mm
Max load per roller:  4kg

Bench mounted product assembly or package build lines

Spaceguard manufacture a range of Lean process benches were the mini roller track assemblies fixed on top of the bench or a more bespoke option where the roller track is sunk into the bench worktop. These units bring large time and manual handling savings on product or package assembly lines. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Mini roller track - carton live storage racking

Mini roller carton large storage is ideal for packing areas, allowing the picker (order collator) and packer to spend up to 85% of there time doing productive work. Working on a first in first out basis the rack is loaded from one side and unloaded (packed or picked from the other). There is also the option to load and unload from the same side. These racks cost a little more than conventional shelving however with payback coming from the restocking, picking and packing times all reduced. Along with savings in manual handling these racks soon give year on year savings. To find out more about your roller options visit our Spaceguard site and see the conveyors page.
packing tables, conveyor with carton flow storage mini roller tracks