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As an option to Spaceguard Benches and tables, Spaceguard is able to supply bench mounted packing scales either built within the table or sited on the top of the bench. With the option of a number of types of scale available from the average weight for packhouses often built into stainless steel tables to the in built bench mounted platform scales used to ensure the boxes packed give the best value for carrier costs when shipping a number of cartons. Both types can also be fitted onto roller work stations to for greater outputs or bespoke workstations. These not only are ideal for packing applications but also filling to weight as a low cost weighing system.


bench packing scales

Bench Scales

The Defender 3000 Series line of bench scales is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, shipping and receiving areas. The Defender 3000 Series features a simple, yet rugged tubular-frame base design and indicators with tactile keys, backlit LCD display & flexible mounting capabilities.
Defender packing scales


Ranger 1000 Platform scales

The Ranger 1000. Designed to be portable and reliable for Accurate Counting Operations in One Affordable Package! The Ranger Count 1000 Counting Scales are designed to provide accurate counting results for basic operation in annual stock takes, Parts stores, and other counting applications.
Ranger 1000 counting scales


Ranger 3000 Counting scales

The Ranger 3000 counting scale is designed to be the best compact counting scale in it’s class. A high resolution machine able to give stable and accurate readings within one second. This scale features a 30 item library function that can store 12 digit part numbers, average piece weights, check-counting or checkweighing parameters, tare weights or accumulated weights or counts.
Ranger 3000 counting scales

Bench integrated weighing

As a UK manufacturer, Spaceguard works closely with customer to design and manufacture workstations which bring real productivity savings, along with improvements in worker ergonomics. Incorporating weighing equipment into well laid out robustly manufactured workstations.
Workstations with integral weighing

Conveyor integrated weighing

The introduction of conveyors into packing and assembly cells with integral weighing, bring large additional productivity savings, along with improvements in worker ergonomics and reductions in manual handling.
Conveyors with integral weighing

Conveyor Weighing Workstations

Along with static lean weighing workstations, Spaceguard manufacture in the UK bespoke driven and gravity roller weighing cells and part of the production or packing lines


Packing station options

Electrical & IT options

Packing station worktops


packing station
Spaceguard are a UK manufacturer of packing and assembly workbench solutions. From our Hull based factory Spaceguard manufactures fully assembled ready to work solutions. From a standalone bench to a fully bespoke installed packing area kit out, Spaceguard is an ideal partner for your workbench requirements.made_in_the_uk

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